Thursday, 8 December 2011

I will survive...

      Something funny happened this morning. As I switched on the radio..I WILL SURVIVE song ,sung by Gloria Estefan kept ringing on my mind. I then,hurriedly went into my room and gazed at myself in the mirror. Luckily I was alone..yeah alone again naturally..hehehe. My princess is away again...this time off to ILP Jelapang..poor girl...duty comes first!'s very cliche but what else can I say, as government servants,"Saya yang menurut perintah" tagline plays a vital role..hahaha.
  As I mentioned earliar, I gazed at myself  in the mirror and this time I no longer visualised an ugly awkward past consuming me - always hindering my better self from appearing. Today,as I stare into that same mirror , I see in me, a woman who has accepted her past as mistakes best forgotten.I see a braver, a better woman emerging. A woman far better organised and equipped in handling any situations or crisis with confidence. I used to be afraid and petrified, kept thinking how will I survive all by myself out there.But after thinking of my beloved ones,Yeop ,Tqah and Adik, I grew strong. They gave me all the strengths not to fall apart and I kept trying hard to mend all the pieces of my broken heart.I used to spent so many nights feeling sorry for myself..used to cry but now I'm someone new. I'm a much brighter and stronger person now,simply because I am walking beside LOVE radiant and beautiful. So thoroughly and so intensely have they showered me with their love and warmth,so much so I am glowing simply because from their light.
  Now I can hold my head up high and am saving all my loving for someone who's willing to love and accept me for who I am ...shall take me for better for worst.for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till the end of my life. May my future undertakings be blessed by ALLAH..Ameen.

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